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Don't settle for the regular Mow, Blow & Go Service

We offer professional Commercial Residential Landscaping
Maintenance Service at competitive prices...!

Our Landscape Maintenance Service includes the following;
Check/Adjust Sprinkler's timer, heads, watering times & durations,
Weed Control, pruning, edging, mowing, watering, leaf clean-up, soil
maintenance, check for disease/infestations, clean landscaping
drainage, train vines, roses, and much more...

DWP New Watering Days
Odd Number Addresses -  Monday & Wednesday & Friday
ven Number Addresses -  Tuesday & Thursday & Sunday

DWP Rebates Info

                            * SO-CAL WaterWise -                                    
* DWP  Rebates -                  
* LA Free Trees Giveaway -

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